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    Chapter 12- The Other Morning..

    May you fill all the gaps of my heart, all the emptiness of my soul, all the thirst of my carapace..... in just one night..
    And I wake up every other dawn,with reminiscence of yours!

    The morning was fresh and warm. The room got dimly lit with a sun ray escaping through the curtains and breaking on my face. I opened my eyes with a wide smile spread on my face. His memory merely can make me smile. I sat up and stretched my body at full. I checked the time. It was 6:15 am,already 15 minutes late. I quickly jumped from the bed and went to the dining. I found my morning coffee on the table. I sipped the coffee while preparing my bag according to today's schedule. I kept all the essential books and notebooks and hurried towards the washroom.

    I looked myself in the mirror.
    "Perfect." I mumbled putting on my favourite lip shade, strawberry crush.
    "Umm,no the eyeliner isn't."
    I adjusted the eyeliner and gazed in the mirror for another 5 minutes
    when my mum shouted from the kitchen. I quickly untied my hair allowing them to flow down my neck.
    "Take your lunch and wear your shoes quick. You are already late."
    I looked at the clock which stroke correct 7 am.
    I rushed into the kitchen and had my milk.
    "Why are you running? You might fall."
    "Mom, I am very late."
    "You would have been on time if you won't have spent staring at yourself in the mirror for past 20 minutes." She said while arranging the dishes.
    I blushed trying to look away from my mom.
    For the first time, I was so conscious of my looks. I wanted to look perfect.... for him.

    It was English period. I was concentrating on the story when something broke my attention.
    A small piece of paper hit me on my back.
    I opened it.
    "You look extremely beautiful. I can't wait to feel your presence..
    Varun " It stated.
    I looked around. He was sitting in the middle row on the last seat.
    His eyes met with mine. I blushed and looked away.
    "Why are you smiling so wide?" Trisha asked.
    "Nothing." I replied.
    I didn't disclosed about my relation with Varun yet, to her.
    I eagerly waited for the class to end.

    Unable to remove her fragrance prevailing in my senses, I watched only her. Even her smile can make my heart melt and she was here looking so charming in just an ordinary piece of wear.

    I dreamt of being with her when suddenly that man's warnings knocked my nerves. His thoughts hindered my sleep last night and today since morning for no reason his image kept flashing in front of my eyes. How foolish I was to stand there!
    I thought to myself.

    The bell rang indicating the lunch hour. I was the most excited person today when the bell rang.
    I quickly sprang to Palak's table making her shocked for a while.
    I desired privacy for us but all of them gathered around us, Romy , Bhavesh and Trisha who was previously seated there itself.
    "You should have been careful." Trisha remarked slicing an angry gaze over me.
    "Oh, I am so sorry miss" I said exchanging a glance with Palak.
    " Listen Varun, I am again facing problems with Probability. I need your help." Said Ms. Kapoor coming towards our seat.
    "Yes I know you would be because it's your habit." I laughed.
    She narrowed her eyes.
    We started to have our lunch while Trisha kept joking.
    "Guys, the Annual function is near and I want to participate in dance competition." Bhavesh said while munching.
    "Yes, I also want to. What do you say Palak?"I said.
    "I.." My Palak spoke when
    "I will definitely participate and you will be my dancing partner." Ms. Kapoor interrupted.
    "I was asking the other Palak." I clarified.
    "You must have specified." Romy spoke after his long silence.
    "Yes, you guys participate, I think I need time to practice. I am not so good at dancing still." Palak answered lowering her eyes.
    "But..." I was interrupted by Trisha.
    "She is always the same. Never participating."
    "Trisha will you be my dance partner?" Romy asked.
    "Why not, I am in."
    " Someone is calling me, I will be back in a while." I said anchoring my attention on Palak signalling her.
    "I need to go to the washroom, excuse me please." Palak said after me.
    We left.

    "Finally we escaped some WE time." Varun exclaimed glancing over me.
    "Yes, probably some."
    "Why aren't you interested to participate and be my dance partner?" Varun inquired disappointed.
    "I want time."
    "Rely on me my love, I will be always with you. Please." He requested with an expectation of approval.
    He looks so cute such....
    "Okay, I am in. But what about Ms.Kapoor."
    "Shh.. you are in and that's enough.. I will handle her." Varun exclaimed brightly turning up his lips.
    "Believe me, I never liked that she will be your partner. I felt like ripping her voice out of her vocals."
    "She can never be my partner." Varun assured taking me into his arms.
    "I want to talk to you, but, about something." I said escaping his arms.
    "About what? Say."
    "Not here, not now. Let's meet somewhere else."
    "The same Cafe?" Varun winked.
    "Okay." I affirmed blushing.
    "Will be waiting for you at 5 pm." He smiled.

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