• yohanesyoyo 9w

    Past is fight

    I feel like having amnesia is such a great joy
    I can forget things in the past so easily
    I can enjoy new things
    I can learn anything from the beginning
    And be the new me.

    But as i looked my past once again,
    I think having amnesia is not good for me
    The memories of my friend will be erased
    The struggles that brought me to a stronger man will be out of my memory
    The happiness when I found myself clingin to God in the midst of the-storm-of-life
    And so many more.

    I thought my past were all about sorrow,
    Some people may say that I am too overreacting
    Some may say I am way too sensitive
    Some says that I have such an ego

    But there is One Man that says
    I am conquering my dark being.

    Now, i find that my past is my fight, my journey, my challenge, my precious moments to get me into the real new me, the redeemed one, the conqueror, the roarer.

    Thankyou Lord Jesus ‚̧