• ludhianvi_ladoo_ik10 23w

    Live the life while it last

    Live the life while it last
    Coz u wont get a second chance
    As the day is over
    It is a matter of past
    U wont love all u get
    But all you get is journey of life
    Like a hilly road that goes around
    Lessons are learnt every day
    Which u will be tested on some day
    There are few u wont get along
    Remember they are there for a cause
    Some will be there for few years
    And other are few days
    Love them with all your heart
    Coz you will not get a second chance
    The pain of losing someone is hard
    But ignorance and guilt kills your heart
    Then we try to find a second chance.
    Beauty of relations are taken for granted
    All you are left with are those unexpressed feelings
    To the person you cherished the most
    Memories are created for life time
    For that life which u never had time
    Time is powerful part of life
    As it tick tocks day and night
    So sit think and analyze
    What we want from our life
    As life wont give u a second chance