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    It was 11Pm
    And she was returning home.
    To find a taxi
    Here n there, her feet roam.

    A group of boys there,
    Suddenly she found.
    Handling her Dupatta.
    She looks all around.

    Oh No! They encircled her
    And she clenched.
    With the killing fear in eyes,
    She was fully drenched.

    Holding her hand,
    Pulling her hairs
    They were treating her,
    Like a food,someone shares.

    And she was screaming
    Please leave me. No! No!
    Don't do this to me
    Please forgive me and go.

    But no one was there to
    Help the helpless.
    Humanity, once more was
    Feeling shameless.

    Touching her private parts,
    They thought they are real men.
    Putting hand on her dignity,
    They were proving their manhood, then.

    With every screaming voice of her,
    They quenched their thirst one by one.
    And she with eyes full of tears,
    Abusing onself for the times, million.

    Perhaps God was also
    Sleeping that day
    That's why the demon in the form of man
    Got a chance to play.

    Leaving her in condition bad
    They moved away.
    Protecting own sister from others,
    They 'raped' someone else's sister that day.

    And she was silently lying
    Like a lifeless life.
    With her tears and torn blood stained clothes
    She was having a silent strife.

    Facing all these now
    She had to face the social face
    With thousands of questions and taunts,
    Then tell them everything about this case.

    They will defame her family every time.
    And no boy will accept her.
    Better to leave all these because,
    In actual no one will understand, except her.

    To save herself from all these
    She committed suicide
    And this is how,everything,
    She tries to hide.

    News came next day, candles burnt
    People showed sympathy with a sad face
    And the law was bought with bribe
    And this is the ultimate closure of every case.

    And She,
    She left so many questions after her
    What was her mistake, where was she wrong
    Being a girl, or being herself, or
    Wearing clothes doesn't matter short or long.

    Can you stop the rape,
    By designing the specific dress,
    Not to make her wear,
    But to cover the bad thinking and a face..

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