• purpleheart21 23w

    Death vs Death

    Sometimes I play with her tears while her hair is in my eyes of jealous touching. Walking on her body with my fingers gave me a feeling turning on instant chill. Our Ego was like before the sun clouds and her countenance grip my stomach weak Like babe laughter. She was reading my "book" while erasing my soul from her misery of memory daily. Technically I'm dead so killing me doesn't matter so I let her be me while I disappear off the scene. Now we enter the fridge of love and my heart is so cold I can't freeze . Her touch was so warm I refused to melt from the inside out so I became her fire. The king of the world is by her bedside each night and morning via imagination protecting her thoughts. Her heart is liken to a soldier so eventually she will play her part .Killing with gestures from the start. That's the foundation of her art collecting trophy for the display charts. Queen of hearts was born in her DNA and Now death vs death : Her eyes never slept and my emotions only take deep signals. I feel this battle will last till DEATH