• sruthisankari 10w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli #death
    We have lost three famous people in the last two days, and thousands of people are mourning. May their souls find peace. I just wonder what will happen to us. From every angle it seems very clear that each of us and our lives are important, and we should not waste it away. News of death always reinforces this.

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    Like strong sudden winds carrying the rain away
    While it still bears water in its day,
    Death, I am certain is uncertain,
    We cannot justify with reasons to stay;
    Like a million cars journeying the road
    While only a few notices we can afford,
    Most of us will become invisible,
    The world will not know enough to ode;
    Like few waves impacting circles farther
    While the rest find space where they gather,
    Most of us will never reach the shore,
    But this universe needs every little lather;
    Death does not seem far when it knocks our neighbor,
    Let life stay close, while goodness we can still labor!