• nathaniel_osaghae 23w

    Death ��❤ #beyond_physical #death's_lover1

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    Death's Lover 1

    I am just another human, waiting for the cold hands of death to snatch me and take me for a swim in her cold sullen stream while I enjoy the screams of tortured souls crying for help in an atmosphere that I find so serene.

    I am just another human waiting to be rocked by the banging bullet of a gun that goes through my head and pins me to the ground, six feet under while I become resident in this grave studded estate and no fear of robbers, beautiful scene with a quiet life while I rest in peace and death welcomes me home with her arms outstretched.

    I am just another human waiting to be kissed by her poisoned lips, the beautiful liquid glittering like a lady's eyes, I am just another human waiting to be pulled in by her tongue, while we make love under heaven's stars and she reaps my soul.

    I am just another human waiting for her to knot my neck tie while I wear it upsidedown and kick off all hands holding me back from holding her waist, kissing her and giving her warmth even in the heat of hades.

    I am just another human who stands in line, eagerly awaiting his bride.