• aisha_abdul 10w

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aishatu Aminu Lawan.

    To Aishatu Aminu Lawan.
    In this epistle I want to tell you all that I have never mentioned to you before. Let me begin by saying you coming into my life is a sign of the love and blessing of Allah for me. Before med school I always pray to Allah to grant me a companion named Aisha and you are my prayers, answered.
    I don't call you my best friend because you mean much more than that to me, you're my family, my sister. Although you are a bit annoying, a bit selfish and a bit brazen at times, I assure you, being with you wouldn't have been any fun if you weren't all those in those very few times that you are.
    You have no idea how you've been a source of hope and strength to me all through the few years we've spent together In med school because I always seem like strong one but that isn't the case, and I pray and hope you'll continue to be for the rest of the years we will spend together in school and beyond. We fit together perfectly because our qualities compliments each other and we buffer one another.
    You're amazing, you're wonderful, you're exceptional and above you are my companion.
    Having someone to tease, to scare the life out of, to recount the event of the day with, to laugh and joke with about crushes/crushers/crushees, someone that will call you endlessly when you're having class and you mistakenly slept off, someone that you will make each late for class, someone to tell all your strange encounters in class, with lecturers or during any activity, and someone that's specially made to be your companion is nothing but the mercy and Grace and love and a gift from Allah. And although we may not talk much when we don't see each other, or chat or visit each other so often like other friends do, we both know in our hearts that the love is there. We are bonded and United under the love of Allah, because Allah sent you to me, He SWT answered my prayers using you. I love you soooooo much for the sake of Allah A'ishah and I pray Allah SWT reunite us and all our loved ones in jannah.