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    This was written in memory of my wife's dad who passed away about 2 years ago. It was read to the family at the funeral. Losing him was heartbreaking for my wife and still is everyday.
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    Finally Tranquil

    As the last few soft breaths leave
    My lungs and exhale into this world,
    Surrounding my loved ones with my
    Life and all my love,
    Life flashes before me, remembering
    All my delights and triumphs,
    Pains and sorrows,
    Loves and laughter,
    Before entering the light to be reunited
    With loved ones from my past
    As I gaze upon you with many sorrows
    That I can't kiss, talk, touch you all,
    Know I'm in absolute nirvana, in peace
    Know this my family and friends,
    We will meet again as I welcome you all
    Into the light with arms open and a smile
    So as I float among the heavens,
    I say to you again, thank you all for coming