• poet_jkos 10w


    There was a road,
    To a beautiful place full of light,
    Flowers and blue waters,
    Love and no heartache, good and no evil,
    A high and mighty road,
    But he chose to stay hidden in the dark,
    Afraid of the blinding light,
    Nauseous to the unending happiness,
    He craved it but couldn't afford it,
    He wanted his passion to blend with the darkness,
    For the undying evil to glamour his own shadows like clothing on his skin,
    To watch the delicate light from his hideouts and dream only of some white in the black,
    He stayed in the dark so the light would be a myth, he clinged desperately to,
    He was afraid it would burn his whole,
    Besides, you can't watch the stars in the light of the day.