• anurag169 31w

    Mr. Baxla

    As the polestar shines, among the rest,
    such a boy, Mr. Baxla, is ever the best,
    We are too lucky, to get him as a guide,
    He is our ideal, and stands as our pride.

    He lets us know, our rights and wrongs,
    His speech is sweet, perfect and strong,
    He likes to roam, he likes chilling out,
    About him, I can say, I never have a doubt.

    He does for all, but he never expect,
    He cares for all, and he never neglect,
    He has a heart of silver and gold,
    Such a soft heart, too easy to mould.

    With lots of love and passionate eyes,
    Somewhere deep in my heart, and soul he lies,
    My bro, my friend, I want you forever,
    And I promise my dear, I will betray you never,
    - ANURAG