• clementine13 30w

    Dear you

    You broke me
    More than once
    That's okay ,
    at least
    Sometimes .... you miss me right?
    That's what you said

    You cut me off
    Several times
    It's all okay
    Sometimes ...
    you're really nice to me
    Few words ....
    It's all okay
    Its all okay
    I'm not the one
    I miss you too..

    And if ,, if this cruel world broke you into pieces
    I'm here to help you out
    I might never be there one day
    But at least now I know that I'm here
    And if... If this whole world cut you off you know
    I'm here
    At least for now
    ... It's all okay
    It's just because in those short "sometimes ",, you gave me something
    .. in these few "sometimes" you smiled at me,,
    you told me I mattered..

    Did you ever love me for real?
    I can't tell
    And it's all okay
    because i know I'm ugly
    I know I'm messy
    I know I broke you once