• makeyouunbreakable 10w

    Independent or selfish?

    There are two kinds of people who I am going to talk about.
    There are those people who are independent, who love doing what they do, whether it's work or projects or creating something. They put in their effort and love into everything they do, even if it's just cooking a simple meal. They don't need people around, but they aren't walking assholes to the ones who come their way. In fewer words, they don't use people. They handle themselves and the world while loving themselves and being selfless at the same time. I admire this to the greatest extent possible.
    Then there is the other kind, the selfish kind, where they pretend to love themselves so much that they convince themselves that noone is greater than them. They forget to love the bits and pieces, and they just put in effort when it comes to manipulating people and nothing else. They "handle" the world by putting it down, under their feet. I personally feel sad for this kind, so incapable of feeling something, so incapable of love, of life. They are better off non existent. Humanity deserves way better.
    Choose wisely, you've got but one life to live.