• missoranjee 5w

    Yearning for Amity

    I merely asked for peace
    Could anyone grant my wish?
    I’m not alone, that longs for serenity,
    But why people show up their immorality.

    Was it really effortless to be wicked?
    Or is it simply your cowardice impelling you to be depraved?
    Gluttony of wealthy people, nothing left for the paupers.

    Discriminations are everywhere, harmony can feel nowhere.
    Guns for felons, explosives for terrorists,
    They never understand how gigantic will be the risk.
    In a world full of uproar,
    Where will you exist, what will you stand for?

    Committing major or minor crimes,
    Is all the same as wasting your time.
    But bringing out in yourself the goodness,
    Is what you called the real courageousness.
    Dearest humans, please spread the love in the air,
    Teach everyone how to share,
    So understanding can be everywhere,
    Yearning for amity will always be in my PRAYER.