• artistwrites 9w

    Eternal Feelings ❤️

    you came and fit right in my heart at the right time,
    alas! lil did my heart knew you were not meant to be in my life
    by the time heart and feelings made me realize what it is..you left me! but sad thing is that poor little innocent heart stuck upon you and misses you alot.
    even after these many years its my foolish innocent little heart that searches for you in every person.
    misses you everyday,wait for the miraclous text from you.
    people say me crazy,foolish and insane and stuff but they have no idea what role you have in my life..how precious and important you are

    i honestly tried and trying to let you go,
    i am trying to search and talk with a new person and get into a new relationship but each time i try you come up in my mind just like a sparkling star
    each feeling i have for the other person reminds me of that exact feeling i dedicated for you
    each song,each day,each date,each festival and occasions every feelings from all the songs and movies every moment reminds me of you

    i dont know its a blessing or a curse but nobody including you.
    have no idea how much love i have for you
    how many things left unsaid
    how many dreams unfulfilled
    Except Me And The God Who Wrote This Destiny Only Will Know How It Feels

    Years Passed By
    Years Passing By
    But My Love And Memories With You Will Never Fade Away
    I Know If Your In My Life I Would Be Blessed But Maybe Your Not By The Gods Decision You Will Be Left As A Sweet Painful Scar In My Life Reminding Me Of You And Your Memories Every Moment

    Your So Precious Person And Will Be One Forever In My Life

    Miss You
    And Love You P