• solely_imperfect 9w


    Hey small beings why are you so tensed
    You are not the sheer one who is troubled
    In this parallel universe everything, everyone is moving through zig-zag of conditions
    And this thing is damn true that we and they don't have permanent relation
    But it's quite tricky to get free from it within a time which is gonna go out soon
    The only thing we come up to here with is that we have to deal with it doesn't matter if present gets ruined
    Sometimes things get harsh and tough and sometimes things get soft and lenient
    And now time starts from here to bear different phases which are meant to shape you up in a way that you ain't
    But ever wondered why your life is clinged with them
    So that you can always move until your breath stop responding to this mysterious game
    And if everything is balanced perfectly in your life so better is to die
    As no reason is left for living this kinda life
    So don't get tensed they are meant to move you forward
    Instead, deal with them cordially as they befriend you for unknown purpose which you will get to know afterwards
    Now to know the purpose get ready to move for anything doesn't matter if present gets ruined
    The time which is coming towards you is waiting for you to come and get it unfurled
    Time is waiting go ahead as this one is gonna go out soon