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    Challenge : Motivational one liner
    Tags : #moneliner

    Note: Before announcing the results I want to clean up somethings, first of all I want to thank all the participants for participating, secondly, I wanted to tell you guys my method of deciding the judgment, I have judged all the posts on the basis of their use of words, motivation and if they are one liner. I have ignored the fact of likes and comments as they can depend upon picture or followers. I also noticed that some posts were HEAVILY inspired and those HEAVILY inspired posts are not taken into consideration. That's all I wanted to say.

    Results : As I told you that if there would be 60+ entries then I would have three positions but as you know they literally reached to hundred so there would be three positions and also two extras on the basis of creative writing.

    Results :
    Rank 3 - @medhaa_aanand For " Seek...Life. " and @zamirah For "When... yourself"
    Rank 2- @salehazarreen For "Raise... at. " and @mariyamsara For "You... away. "
    Rank 1- @mahtobpensdown For "Quitting... You. "

    Results : Creativity

    Rank 2- @chaitali22 For "If... success. "
    Rank 1- @wannabecreative For "Today's... rainbow"
    Also I don't hold the right to post the full quote but I have reposted it. Go give them a visit and read.

    There are also some respectful mentions whom I would mention in the comments as Mirakee only allow to tag ten people. Thanks again for participating and remember that winning is not everything, you guys were able to motivate others and no winning could ever be more powerful than that.

    Do you want another challenge? Tell me in comments.
    Was my judgement fair? If no then help me improve.
    Don't forget to check out the respectful mentions in the comments.

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