• bipolar_ink 10w

    SPACE - By TBI

    Oh God,
    Gift me Some Peace , Some Space
    I'm really tired of Running,
    I'm fine now, Stop Churning
    I Can't Have More Hearing,
    In this Cruel Custody of lies, Cheering
    Open up My Judgement Oh Lord,
    Give me a new Life, Some Grace
    Oh God,
    Gift me Some Peace, Some Space

    I'm really fed up of Explaining
    My heart is Not Working, Head Paining,
    Heal me with Your Essence
    Just need a Proof Of Your Presence
    Stretch up Your Arms for me, Oh Lord
    Give my Stood Still Life , Some Pace
    Oh God,
    Gift me Some Peace, Some Space

    I'm Finished with Lashing of My Sin,
    See, Redness of my Eyes, Burnt Skin,
    I'm requesting relief, Wanna go Home
    I Don't wanna win, Don't need Epitome
    Oh Lord,
    Give me some Rest, I admit i've lost the Race
    Oh God
    Gift me some Peace, Some Space