• tanmay7401 9w

    You're such a doll and I don't appreciate your presence in my life as I should be doing every time. You're an extremely lovable person and I can never get enough of you. Your words, your actions, your smile, your emotional-self, your intellect....all these things compliment you even more.....

    Every word coming out of your mouth is pure melody, and those twinkling eyes take my breath away. And you know what's the cutest moment? When you're angry or annoyed with me, you just avoid eye contact and look down. That's when I forget all my worries , with a feeling to savor that precious moment with you.

    God knows if I can love you enough , for you deserve the best of the BEST. But I'm not leaving any chances to make you feel special everyday. This is the least I can do for you.

    With this I'd also like to apologize for every time I've hurt you and you've shed tears because of me. I'm sorry.

    I love you Tanshu