• miss_catatonia 24w

    I think of you in colors that dont exist.
    Every time I close my eyes, my mind paints pretty portraits of your face in the dark.
    I see you through rose-colored glasses, smiling.
    You look surreal. Like my first ray of sunlight after a long grey storm.
    My sunshine.

    I pictured you in memories that never happened.
    Holding my hand, midst the sea of strangers, passing viewers, I remembered.
    Inside rose-colored glasses,
    Your eyes glittered like diamonds.
    Descrying refuge in the arms of home.
    Let every crack, every flaw, every dark tainted part of your soul
    Be perfectly imperfect.

    Inside rose-colored glasses
    How can I unlove you?
    I still feel you inside my chest.
    Restricting my throat, blurring my eyes,
    I felt my anxiety rise.
    Reaching out to spill to my lips,
    Gutting my innards, swallowed by guilt.
    Pumping through my veins, scattered in my brain
    Walking on thorns, bleeding in pain
    But I still whispered out your name.

    Inside rose-colored glasses,
    All is a pretty lie.
    You never tried.
    I can see you in places where I abandoned the idea of you and I.
    Where love should've been and never was.
    Now an empty street, sadness and gray.
    Devoid of rose-tinted glasses, I see.
    It's only an illusion to naive little me.


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