• dreamstar 6w

    Perfect Partners!

    When I was a kid I used to sit and think of what the person I loved would be like.
    I pictured kissing in fields or maybe on the beach.
    A man who was strong and kind. Who was smart and driven.
    Who made me laugh.
    Who made me stronger.
    You are so much more than I could have ever imagined.
    I never even thought to wish for someone as kind,
    and amazing as you.
    You are life’s biggest surprise.
    You are so much more than anything I could have dreamed or hoped for.
    I think I’ve loved you my whole life, only I didn’t know it was you I was loving.
    I have always had this feeling inside me that I was meant for something.
    After meeting you,
    I knew I was meant to love you. You are my reason for living.
    I’ve loved you my whole life and with each passing day my love only grows stronger.
    Life is better with you in it.
    It’s simple really.
    The world is more beautiful,
    the days are more fun,
    moments are more precious.
    I love having you in my life.
    I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I only hope you feel the same way. That I can make your life better by having been in it.
    When you feel weak,
    I am here to be strong for you. When you are strong,
    I’m here to lift you up and make you stronger.
    When you are sad,
    I am here to bring a smile to your face.
    And when you are happy,
    I am here to enjoy every minute of it.
    Because you do all these things for me.
    When I am weak,
    you give me strength.
    When I am sad,
    you make me smile.
    I am so grateful for you and our life together.
    I have found my perfect partner.