• rnsharma65 10w

    Sweet Voice

    The Voice of a Baby is so sweet
    When starts Talking
    And remains till school going.

    The Voice of a newly
    admitted Student is Sweet
    till making friendship.

    The Voice of a newly
    appointed Employee is Sweet
    till going through the details.

    The Voice of a teenager Girl
    is so Sweet till fall in love.

    The Voice of a so called Friend
    seems Sweet till the fulfillment
    of self interest.

    The Voice of a newly married Bride
    is very very Sweet till a new Baby.

    The Voice of sweet hearted Lover
    is utmost Sweet and emotional
    but continuing till Marriage.

    The Voice of Respected Father
    is very Sweet in inner sense
    But in outer sense at times.

    After all
    The Voice of SWEET MOTHER
    is like Blossom of LOTUS
    AND continued LIFELONG.