• ira_neer 5w


    I'm like many colours in a palette
    Painting my life in different shades
    Brushing strokes bold, light, thick and thin
    With every pail of colour life throws at me

    Sometimes I'm a tone of rosy red
    Humming love songs in my head
    Filled with joy and enthusiastic torrent
    My heart radiates a luminous Orange

    When fate delivers me difficult times to cope
    The bright yellow fills me with faith and hope
    Sometimes I'm submerged in green
    When my life is beautiful and serene

    Reverently, I kneel down to thank the deity
    My soul being enveloped in blue with piety
    Indigo, the colour of intuition and perception
    Is glazing my canvas with dignified wisdom

    For realising my lil dreams and aspirations
    Persistence is my shiny violet ammunition
    As a beautiful rainbow embodies Vibgyor
    I'm my painter, I exhibit my colorful galore.