• moitreyee 5w

    Tonight it rains,
    to carry a part of me
    through layers of pain.
    The kindgom of sediments
    that slips and glides
    between gaps of my finger
    satires the restless attitude
    Of the happy seconds.

    I decorate flaws in me
    with colours of a faded mirage.
    Hoping all visions to be blind,
    I drown a bit in ignorance
    I have prayed to the sky
    to lend me rhymes for once.
    The sky has asked me
    to gulf honest alphabets
    and in the course,
    if it turns out to be a melody,
    I won't need readymade rhymes.

    I have grown up
    with an honest climate,
    in every season of my words.
    But more often I have found
    it is a cacophony to the listeners.

    I utter no word
    when a judgement is required.
    I speak not
    when a witness is requested.
    I speak
    when no one listens
    'Cause all truths need not to be voiced.
    I spill phrases
    when my words won't hurt
    'Cause sometimes honesty is rude.

    I speak to myself
    but sometimes I don't have the courage
    to listen what's true.

    -Moitreyee Bhaduri


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    Sometimes, a truth can betray a belief.
    Sometimes, a word can ruin a story.
    We are always one turn away from a completely different voyage than the one we are traveling now.