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    Avi's POV

    After half an hour, Rubi came into the basement. She was wearing a red gown with a beautiful golden floweric brochure fixed in it. She was looking beautiful.

    "Are you checking me out" she chuckled.
    "No, I am not! I thought you would bring something unique. You were saying I would love your surprise but for your information i am not a bit impressed by it. You only chaged a mere dress."

    "Stop telling lies, I know you liked my dressup. By the way, it's not the surprise. I just changed because my clothes got dirty. Now I will show you that precious surprise."

    Saying this, she pressed some button near the staircase and suddenly a squarical piece designed on the roof pushed aside and to my great horror a body hanging to a rope settled straight in front of my eyes. And then again Rubi pressed the button, the rope cut down and the body of a boy fall down near my legs.

    There was zero movement in him. It felt like he was staring at me with his big eyes. The seen was so terrifying for me. Blood and cuts were everywhere in his body.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed with the top of my lungs," Whattttt....how.....This is..this is Ronit! How did this happened...what happened to him?" I panicked.

    "Huh, you remember his name? Well, when I asked him about you, he was like a scared abandoned dog. He didn't even know about his wrongedoings so I had to make him remember. You know, he is the reason my dress got dirty. I tried to cut him into little pieces, but it was such a tough task. So I decided to just hang his body in rope.....do you like your surprise?" She chuckled.

    I started shivering badly, tears were brimming continuously in my eyes, I was terrified as hell. Rubi cupped my face with her hands and started rubbing her forehead with mine. She was trying to calm me down but I pushed her aside with my whole strength.

    "You murderer! You psycho....stay away! Don't touch me.. don't come near me...stay away."
    She shushed me yet I tried to resist," Someone please help me! Please let me out of here....please helpppppp....."

    "Shhhhhhhh....I said stop it! My love why are you being like this? I just killed him not you. Why are you screaming? Listen babé, no one is here. It's my house, in the mid of forest. No one lives here! And stop crying, I hate seeing you like this. Otherwise, I will have to punish you."

    I tried to calm down. She gave me a glass of water and patted my head. I wanted to escape from here but I was all tied.

    I can't make her angry she will kill me too!

    After a while, I was feeling a little dizzy, my vision became blurry and I fainted.
    Phew! This was intense ��...welp, I hope you were thrilled. I tried to describe Ruhi's psychoness in a different way...I hope you liked it! ��
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