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    Hello Everyone.
    This is not a planned post. I hate such posts.

    So, I’m pretty sure most of you would have heard about the rape case in Kathua and Unnao. Yeah, this is about that. When I first heard about them, I decided I wasn’t going to go in details. I knew at the time, it won’t do any good. I would feel angry and agitated. Then helplessness would follow concluding the entire incident by simply forgetting about it. However, I just couldn’t ignore it. So, I just finished reading a couple of articles. Did you know that the actual incident happened way back in January. Yep, and it has caught national and international attention only now.

    The question that keeps crossing my mind is about this attention’s worth. Is it helping the situation? This particular case, maybe. But, when I consider the general conditions, a big NO is ensued.

    Do you remember the 2012 Nirbhaya case? Of course you do. How can we forget our month long outrage. But do you remember the Shakti mills gang rape case in Mumbai? Maybe, some of you do. What about the Badaun one in 2014? Then there was the Uber case again in 2014. And these are just three of the biggies that I have mentioned here. Think about all those cases which don’t get national media’s attention. And then let me point you to those incidents which are not reported at all. And and till now we are just talking about rape cases. There’s molestation, assault, abuse, acid attacks, and so much more evil to which women of our ‘great, safe’ nation subjected to everyday.

    ((I read about 3 separate cases in today’s newspaper and another separate case yesterday night when I was researching about Kathua one. So, that means 4 other cases in the last 24 hours which were big enough for a national daily’s attention. Or maybe, it’s just heat of the moment, which is even sadder.))

    I’m Yash Mehra, a young adult from Delhi. And I’m ashamed of myself.

    For being a part of a misogynistic system which finds a way to way blame the victim for atrocities committed against them.
    For being a part of patriarchal society that judges women from the choice of their clothing to that of careers.
    For being a part of such a weak judiciary that finds it convenient to reduce the sentences of convicted rapists.
    For being a part of the ‘perfect democracy’ where political parties and leaders justify crimes for their vote banks.
    But do you know what the worst part is?

    It is understanding all these facts and yet doing nothing about it. I mean, even now, I’m just writing down a post about the prevalent situation, which will have absolutely no effect on it, balance of probability.

    I feel afraid. I feel insecure. I fear for the safety of my family and friends when they go out. This fear is relieved only when I receive their text that they have reached. I can’t begin to think about a situation where I wouldn’t receive these texts. What would I even do?

    Treating women as inferior has been inherent characteristic of Indian society. What they wanted was equal treatment and equal opportunities. Equality, being one of the essential pillars supporting a democracy. Was it too much to ask for? Because what they got was more of atrocities and attacks. The harder they tried to break the ceiling, the fiercer, the harsher was the society’s judgement.

    It’s not the laws that need reforms alone, your sick mentality is pretty outdated too. If people could just be civil, then there won’t be a need for feminist movements. If the boys would just stop staring at every passing girl, if instead of looking at them creepily, you could gesture a courteous smile and move along; if I could fly, was the second thought in my mind, because, you know, both of these have almost equal probabilities of happening.

    I remember this quote from a tv series. “There’s no justice in this world. Not unless we make it.” So, let’s make justice. If you’re someone who is in line with my ideology, then do your bit. Change your psyche and propagate the same to everyone you know. Let’s make our boys strong.

    Strong enough to resist the temptation to stare;
    Strong enough to broaden their horizon;
    Strong enough to care;
    Strong enough to respect the opposite sex.

    I don’t know if it’ll work. But in the very least, I have to try.

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