• kritikabhatia07 10w

    Expectations vs Reality

    Every person has some fantasy,
    A world that completes all his needs.
    Somewhere, there's lots of satisfaction,
    Here, his desires are given heed.

    He is free to live,
    Free to explore.
    No boundaries or limitations,
    All ailments have a cure.

    When he enters reality,
    He is annoyed by the harshness of society.
    He is again bundled by norms,
    He is again burdened by priorities.

    He tries to maintain harmony,
    But it turns out to contradict his notions.
    This world is too selfish,
    These emotionless beings are hard to bring or adopt any transformations.

    His wish remains incomplete,
    He goes in search of tranquility,
    Just to avoid interference,
    He prefers to remain lonely.