• mindroots 4w

    Lets go for a walk in the mountains,
    Lets rest our soles in the greens for a while.
    Howl as loudly as the wind,
    Pray as much in blissful silence.
    Watch from where the fireflies are born.
    Share the same blanket and feel the heat.
    Listen to the rain singing an unknown melody.
    Lets sleep together in soft morning breeze,
    Lets stay awake and make nights the days,
    Lets just sit together sometime, Endless time.
    Lets do nothing,feel the breeze,forget thetime.
    Watch the seasons change,
    And share the same cup of coffee.
    See the whites and blues, black and red,
    Shades of love, and moods of nature,
    Lets just rest and relish
    The icy chills Of snowy rains;
    Dancing wind in thicket peaks;
    Lets wrap us together in the ocean of Love
    And Drift away, Unearthly, Infinitely.
    ©p.k.s. v