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    Based on real life love story..... Presenting a story on High end Crush....

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    I felt what I think??
    I met one day to him,
    Hot blazers shine all over the sun,
    ️ Cold breezes make around me fun,
    It starts raining ️when I look at him,
    The snow☃️ come falling down slowly,
    When he ask me so firmly,,,,,
    The dew drops tickle my feet,
    What do I say???
    I am shy now I can't repeat......
    He said wanna come with me,
    I gazed at him, how do I say??
    I wanna be with him,
    Flowers around me starts to tease,
    I was red & began to freeze,
    It was so beautiful to walk with him,
    OH MY GOD!! I was star to be with,...... him
    Frankly I open up myself,
    The secret suddenly rushed out me,
    Posing any kind of intention,
    I wanted him to take my attention,
    I was ready to say.....
    But what would I begin with,
    Now I know that I couldn't take my steps back forth.... As this is not a myth☄️
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    I was waiting for him to arrive,
    He promised me he will be their at five,
    I waited & waited, what do I say??
    He don't receive my call,
    I begin with my way........
    I wanted to confess my l❤️ve So,
    I tried to reach his house,
    No one has a stay there,
    Here & there everywhere,
    I could not find him anywhere,
    Finally I could get his address,
    Looking at it,
    I was filled with disgrace,
    I rushed their quickly,
    And I saw him there, what I can see
    Was a shock to me........
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    He on a bed ️dead & cold,
    He became liveless, with no pace
    He lost his feeling, he lost his soul,
    His rigid body again I say lie dead & cold,
    Tears begin to appear in my eyes,
    My heart begin to breath faster in disguise,
    The doctor said,, ‍⚕️
    He has brain tumour & maybe not alive,
    Listening to it I begin to strive,
    I cried a lot upon his dead grave,
    The air soaring around me
    Said me, to be brave
    Flowers of LOVE I raised upon his grave,
    Finally, I got up & begin with my way............
    1 year 11 months ago has passed his death,
    11 years of Love❤️ I am still in faith,
    Still today without him, I am abreath,
    I believe I could not love again,
    I missed him really, I refrain,
    Can LOVE❤️ happen twice, I ask??
    After whatever happen with me in the past,
    I am afraid if I am lost,
    Whatever I think, I am frost in between
    I know I can never forget him,
    Yes, I know bcoz,,,, Still
    I really LOVE him.....♥️♥️