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    My catharsis.

    This catharsis is mine.
    A feeling filling mantras.
    So fill your cup with wine.
    And let me be your enchantress.

    So this is the first layer.
    You find an Iron castle with a dragon spewing fire to any intruder.
    So be carefull for you could burn.
    So I call this feeling ash and iron.

    The second layer of the fight.
    Is like a sun that shines too bright.
    You here laughter but can't really see who or what is laughing.
    That is why this is the shining laughter feeling.

    The third layer we dive deep.
    As there are oceans of the tears we wheep.
    Alone in an ocean with unending depth.
    So I call this feeling tears of unending depth and breadth.

    The fourth Layer you can already hear the sirens.
    Because this is the land of burning fires.
    Where sirens try to lure you in to the colorful fire.
    I call this feeling the burning Liar.

    The fifth you better leave the lights on.
    It is dark with every monster seen or made in the head of my own.
    Fear is what you breathe.
    So I call this feeling where the sword of fear is unshield.

    The sixth layer is where we feel things we shouldn't.
    The feelling of pulling the trigger where someone else couldn't.
    The lust that needs to be kept hidden.
    That is why I call those feelings the lust of the forbidden.

    The seventh layer be sure you won't get lost.
    It is a pitch black layer with blood red mist.
    In the middle you see me sleeping like a fetus.
    So this feeling I call my own quietus.

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    My catharsis.

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