• blacksnow97 46w

    My death pit

    Oh how we connect better with sin
    Just for pleasure we let our faith sink
    We write down promises with a pen without ink
    And blow it all in our lovers face, like it's not what you think

    For a minute I thought love is beautiful
    Then I saw evil and how bad it is
    Badly beautiful that it was wonderful
    I gave it a chance but now evil
    Offers me the chance...

    I search for evil, as if we playing hide and seek
    I find it and dare it for something worse than before
    I don't stop even if I talk myself out of it
    But a bit of me dies every time I do the deed

    So yes am dying and you can't stop me
    Cause not even I can help me flee
    My soul has been buried deep
    Cause I wanted something beautiful ☠