• lucas1993 6w


    The inner worth of oneself is valued by the appreciation of thyself
    No words of cockiness
    Even though I'm a bit of a narcissist
    Won't let anyone tell me my capabilities
    I have the ability to determine for myself
    Got that mentality.
    Only way to show that I'm happy
    Is when I wear this jewelry
    Wear so much jewelry
    That u see me in history
    Displayed on the channel of kings
    Seeing shit that u dream
    I sit there and dream
    Reflect and think
    knowing I come to the conclusion of being a king
    Started falling into a paralytic state
    A prime candidate to become great
    I'm motivated
    I want the things I dream to become real
    Experience them and say is this really real?
    Enjoy them with the perfect girl
    Shell be my queen but I treat her like a king in chess
    Most important in any moment
    Value my present like it's a present
    Smoke that loud do u like my herbal essence?
    I'm a breath of fresh air and I'll be glad to bless you with my presence
    Inside of not just me there's an untapped well of greatness
    Blinded by the outside sources
    We lose awareness and fall deep into the subconscious
    Disturbed by things of no importance
    React with extreme urgence
    Asap is the reality being born into existence
    Even if has no substance
    I sense that my body is getting tense underneath all this unnecessary stress
    Asking myself why, how, when, where like I'm a part of the press.
    Gotta get something off of my chest in order to be at my best
    Heading home going west wanting to go ahead and lay my head to rest.
    Every day is a constant test
    I'm well aware, conscious
    Never tense up dont know how 2 be nervous
    When the games close.
    I'm In there with only a few seconds left making sure that the opponent won't get there moment
    Forget that we're humans
    And that there is no such thing as perfect
    Acting like its complex to remember our origins
    Came from kings and queens.
    Knowledge inbetted deep in my membrane
    This is something that will not be extinguished
    I can clearly distinguish what's bullshit and what's some real shit.
    I'm a king saying it
    Not full of it.
    Being the realist
    Naw fuck that I'm at my purest
    Been annointed
    To be at my very best just being honest
    Truth be told
    To see what the future holds
    Just gunna let my present unfold
    But right now I remember my late mom and I was told I was a king
    Now it's time to start the dream.