• bidpen 5w

    Nothing last

    Prey to a predator
    Pray to your Creator
    Not to fall victim

    Insignificant unlucky days
    Blank so helpless waiting on wrath
    Everyone a predator now

    Trust so priceless
    Infidelity soaring high like eagles
    Where is the destination situated?

    Fake promises breeds original faith
    Fate your painful predicament
    For the reason it all happened

    Since when did human care less?
    Let's resort to each opinion
    What happens when crushed?

    Fool of a took! Lord of the rings says in one
    Break the fear off when get over with
    Throw it to the predator

    Hustling fear gained confidence with time
    Challenges it for life like no retreat no surrender
    Surrender! At last! Nothing last forever