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    ♥♥Happily ever after.(A love story written by me) Anamika's marriage is fixed with rahul.rahul is Anamika's father's friend Mr harish's son.According to Harish uncle's thinking, anamika was very cultured and good girl.She was only worthy of his son.Anamika may be not beautiful but has many quality as well as educated. His son,rahul was graduated from foreign country but problem is that he was habituated with modern life style.Mr harish thought that only Anamika could change his son's life.. Anamika saw the photo of rahul, a handsome boy with beautiful smile.She had seen him 8 years ago when rahul came to her house.It is many years since,she hadn't seen him..Anamika liked rahul but yet didn't meet him. Their marriage fixed soon. Anamika's father also happy with the marriage proposal. In the day of marriage, rahul didn't seem happy when he was marrying Anamika..Anamika noticed this. After taking forbade from fathers with tear eye,Anamika went to her husband's home. At the first night, rahul refused to accept anamika and told her to stay out of him. Then he told her that she was not worthy of her wife. Rahul loved beautiful and modern woman but Anamika was black in colour and not modern.That's way, rahul took her out of his room..Anamika was heartbroken..Mr Harish uncle, Anamika's father-in-law requested her not to leave his son and also requested to change his son's life..Anamika gave consent to his words and decided to stay here with broken heart.Mr harish went to London for some business work. After marriage, rahul began to avoid anamika.Anamika couldn't stay his room,couldn't even enter his room.He became busy with his friends.,busy in party.Then came home at night..If anamika wanted she could left rahul and went away home but she didn't do that.Because she loved rahul..Rahul didn't care about anamika and didn't want to see her face. Day passes, month passes, year passes.but rahul began to avoid Anamika.Anamika is good cooker, sometime she cooked delicious food for rahul and waited for him.But rahul ate dinner with his friends and totally avoided Anamika.One day, rahul met a accident when he was driving a car.As a result, he had injured in his two legs.Doctor told him to rest for 6 month..During this day, when rahul was in serious pain, anamika was beside her.She began to take care of rahul.At first rahul refused, but then he felt that he needed someone in this condition that's why he accepted.Anamika begin to take good care of rahul.She cooked delicious food, served him.In those days bitterness decreased.Rahul began to talk with Anamika.Their relasion began to change slowly..Rahul and Anamika began to become friend..Rahul's friend were not beside during Rahul's bad conditon but only Anamika was beside him..A friendship happened between Anamika and rahul.They talked lot, play favourite game,movie together. Sometime Ananika took rahul in a wheelchair to see nature ..Rahul got well soon and began to join his old business..He changed a lot and had a great friendship in those days.Anamika wanted to reveal her feeling but couldn't..Whenever she came to rahul, he tells her that they are just friend.Inspite of being husband and wife, they began to live as friend in separate room.Rahul became busy again and had rarely time with anamika.sometime anamika slept after waiting to rahul in dinner table.Anamika had a pain in her heart, a pain for rahul for not loving her..One day,some rich businessmen with their wives and rahul's some friend with their wives came to his house for some business matter..They told rahul to introduce with his wife..Rahul feel embraced after hearing it..For a few second, he forgot the relationship with anamika,forgot anamika's devotion as a wife and love for him.He begain to think that he will be in a shameful situation if anamika came here because Anamika was not beautiful, she was black and had not dress style. But businessmen and her wife, his close friend with their wife had modern life style,and they were beautiful.A ego worked on him.When Anamika came here and introduce her as rahul's wife, they began to laugh.They criticised first as anamika was not beautiful and then they criticised anamika's life style, her cloth.Businessmen gave her a drink but anamika refused because she didn't drink..Hearing this, they began to laugh and criticised anamika as a old fashioned, a stupid woman.The whole thing rahul notise but didn't utter one word.He was a mute spectator. Anamika left the room by crying..In this time, rahul didn't pay attention about Anamika's tear, he thought about her status.. during leaving, his friends criticised him by telling that friend,you marry such a beautiful woman.Really!you should be given a prize for that.After telling that,they left house laughing..Rahul became angry.When he came to anamika's house,anamika told him why you were silent during that time?Rahul replied angrily, so why I shouldn't silent?what is the necessary for you to tell them that you are my wife? after hearing this anamika became shocked..She asked rahul" Are you embraced to introduce me as your wife just because Iam not beautiful and haven't modern life style? Rahul replied yes, I embrace and that's why I didn't want to marry you..Anamika ask him, "will you be happy if I leave you? Rahul reply"yes, just leave me alone..Telling this, rahul left the room and went to his room..This night they had no conversation. The next day, rahul woke up and called Anamika, bring my tea" I have to go to a meeting.,Suddenly he recalled his fight with anamika last night.Actually during 5 year,Anamika was taking care of rahul very much with much care..And rahul became habituated about it.Rahul waited for hearing Anamika's voice but nobody replied..Then he went to the anamika's room but didn't find her here. He searched every room but didn't find her.. He found a letter in Anamika's room. in that letter, Anamika wrote" My dear husband, "you feel embrace just because iam your wife".Because Iam not beautiful and haven't modern life style and smart."I don't want to be the reason of your embrace and so I left home and left from your life." Rahul began to worry after reading that letter, he called Anamika's mobile. He found her number off..The whole day, rahul was restless, his mood was bad.He had no attention in meeting,business..He began to miss Anamika.A repentance and guilty feeling came into her mind.He called Anamika's number thousand time but found her number off..The whole night, he was in a restless mind..From morning to night, one time anamika came to him once but today she didn't come.The next day, he called anamika's father but he told that anamika didn't come to his house last night..Rahul hurriedly left his home and searched anamika here and there..One day, two days, three days,four day passes, Rahul didn't find her any information.He was just like a mad men.No eating,no meeting,no sleeping, he was in a bad condition as nobody was here to take care him the same way But anamika did that with much care..He felt that he really loved anamika and he had feeling for anamika but never felt that because of his attraction and priority for beautiful face and because of his ego.He realized finally that a love is not based on face beauty,status, money and life style.It based on beautiful heart, pure mind which holds Anamika..Rahul began to cry like a little baby, his tears fall with repentance and guilty for refusing her wife's love and insulting his good and pure hearted wife but nobody was here to wipe his tear not even his wife..Anamika's father became sick because of the worry about his daughter..Rahul father came home from London after hearing this news and he had gone to see anamika's father..In fifth day, rahul went to search anamika with her photo.By searching here and there, he sat beside a stall.Here two people were discussing about a young girl accident..Rahul felt very nervous and asked them the matter..They told him that five days ago,a girl about young age met accident when crossing the road.She was seriously injured by a car and admitted into nearby hospital.Rahul showed them Anamika's photo.They told with shocking eye yes,it was she..Hearing this, rahul lost his sense, rahul began to run like madness, he went to the hospital.With crying face, he asked the doctor and nurses about her wife.They showed him the room.Rahul run there by saying that, Anamika,nothing will be happen to you.When he reached anamika room, enter there see that the nurses cover the anamika's whole body with white cloth..Shocked rahul asked them the reason, they told that she was dead just moment..Rahul lost his sense fully and threw away the white cloth outside then begin to cry loudly..He lost his sense fully and said to anamika"you can't leave me..I know you are angry with me..All this are my fault..Please wake up, please wake up..I love you very much.punish me you want but don't leave me..I promise, I will never hurt nor will insult you..please come to me..By telling this, rahul began to shaking Anamika's body again and again but Anamika was calm...The girl who wanted to talk with his husband,rahul, wanted to hear her husband's voice at once and loved to be with his husband, today she was not responding in spite of his husband calling her many times.She was ready to love with loving heart but finally she has to left the world with empty heart.. It is said that people can realize others value when they are no longer stay in their life..In same way, when Anamika was around rahul, rahul didn't value her.When anamika went away forever,rahul began to realize her value.