• mayank_12 23w


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    My hands get shook
    as if m a crook!
    My mind gets mesmerized
    as if , i've been hypnotised!
    My heartbeats get swift
    as if! it's drowning due to rift
    My leg shivers
    My body jitters
    I eventually becomes tongue-tied
    as if, my mouth won't open enough wide
    All this happens just in a little while,
    Whenever i see your smile

    Your soothing voice
    ,is enough to make me rejoice!
    Your rhythmic chuckles
    ,vanishes all my puzzles!
    Your smiley broaden lips!
    Hides my sorrows like an eclipse
    I can't give anything in return to u, worth all this!
    But i promise to fill your life with extreme bliss,