• theweird_wanderer 5w

    Hey Mr. Perfect ♥️

    To the girl who was afraid of falling in love.
    The more simple the word the more complex its meaning it has now a days.

    The storms of heartbreak s in this weather and people leaving resisted her for falling for this beautiful feeling.

    And just like sharukh Khan mentioned in om shanti om -" kisi chiz ko shidat se chhaho toh puri quaynat usse tmsy milani ki sazish me lag jati hai.! "
    (When you want something the whole universe conspires you to achieve it)

    And thus the universal power wanted them to be together. Bringing them to the same classand cutting every bushes, clearing the paths for them to get united.; And it happened !

    Her love language is long text messages. Always! ♥
    His love language is short emojis♥

    Yes. Opposites do attract! But sending each other dedicated songs for the things which they were not allowed to mention will always remain in common!

    Taking random pictures of him when he's looking away will always remain her favorite hobby! ♥

    There is riot in her veins.. violence on her lips. .
    No calm in this city she finds except in his arms❤

    She brings the storm of Overthinking always
    .and that is crashed on his chest.(promised to improve)
    He leaps it all in and matches her breath.

    She is the reason for him to dance
    And he will always remain the reason to stay!

    He is not the virtue of not having enough.. he's the sin of wanting more!

    She is disturbed and unpredictable and demands attention in unimaginative ways.

    Choosing to love all that she has is her freedom♥
    Wanting to be loved back with the same intensity is her boundary
    *As there is no freedom without boundaries* !

    He'll hear it quite relentlessly she does not become you.
    But you might know now you have become her! (The best nautanki boyfriend!)
    Thanks Mr.perfect for always being the best and caring about all my wishes.
    I love you