• vishnu43 10w


    Since the last one month West Bengal is being filled with awful noises and cries!Recently an on duty doctor was beaten to an extent that he is fighting for his life in ICU now!

    But,such is the condition of doctors in Bengal that the CM, instead of assuring the doctors that no such incidence will take place further,has resorted to threats!

    Mamata Banerjee did not even hesistate to call them as "outsiders"!The number of outsiders is surely staggering! From Doctors to Jai Shree Ram chanters,DIDI is identifying all of them as outsiders!I wonder,who then,is ours?The various illegal "Bangladeshi" immigrants to whom Mamata Didi has let reside in just for her "vote bank" politics?

    Those who fuelled up their social media with posts protesting aginst the "lynching" of a "cow smuggler",the murder of a third grade "foul mouthed journalist", are no where to be seen to protest the continual attack on the doctors !Isn't West Bengal in danger now?Isn't Democracy in danger now?

    Even the "SAVIOURS" aren't safe in West Bengal!Shame on you,Mamata Banerjee,for turning a "land of intellectuals" into a gloomy world!