• deuce2visions 23w


    I've had my eye on you for a while
    You really bring me back
    Upon the surface is a smile
    To make the coolness crack
    I unlock my phone to see your face
    It really is a delight
    You block the unknown to highlight the grace
    What a captivating sight
    You. You remind me of another being
    But I'd rather choose you
    To see you act is victorious
    To see you smile is riveting
    You. You make my heart plummet
    To the very very bottom
    You. You move with beauty
    Spellbinding the moment
    It's so hard to fall for one you've never met
    I've been riddled by distance
    So I just sit here wishing
    Basically resistance
    But one day I'll get to meet you
    You seem like an amazing friend
    With so much lost time in the past
    It would be only natural to mend