• ri_sabkakatega 10w

    A question with nature

    What am I?

    A tiny creature
    Lookin up in past or future ?
    Beneath hundred thousands stars
    And the galaxies bound together..

    The sound of river or a broken soul
    Loosing star in gravity of an hole
    Is this all interwined together ?
    & If it is then what's my role ?

    Shape shifting reptile and sorcery life
    Annunaki real ? Or the rumors rife
    And a never stopping desire
    To know what happens afterlife.

    Is this mah destiny ? a swirling wind.
    Incredible such, can never be find,
    And what if it's just interpretation
    Of mystic & greatest cosmic mind...

    WHAT AM I ?
    a tiny creature
    lookin up in past or future...