• helpshark 9w

    Can't Breathe

    You stand there so powerful
    Full of hatred and greed
    And in your own tiny mind
    You believe you can lead

    Your cities are on fire
    And your people are tired
    Of your own self promotion
    And the people you hired

    To smile so politely
    While you're making a speech
    As you bleed the country dry
    Like an illiterate leech

    You hold up the bible
    Like a prop in a show
    But you've never read a book
    It's so obvious we know

    So go back to your towers
    And your sparkling gold lift
    Where the mirror inside
    Tells you that your God's gift

    The lack of intelligence
    Is beyond our belief
    The cheese burger king,
    Commander and chief

    Your choking a nation
    That wants to believe
    Listen to your people
    Because your country can't breathe.....