• psychic_landscape 23w

    He was born upside down,
    in an odd part of the town.
    The doctor exclaimed in his wit,
    “He’s a wonderful misfit!”.
    He was bound to be different,
    he didn’t understand the norms and rules of his fellow beings,
    He was smart,
    but straight A’s wasn’t his thing.
    No one ever understood him,
    Maybe that’s why he grew sad and grim.
    He wanted to be different,
    to follow stereotype he wasn’t prone.
    He was always above the society,
    a light that shines alone.
    When he chose to become a painter,
    the society looked away.
    Calling him worthless,
    questioning his pay.
    Cursing his lifestyles,
    questioning his hairstyle.
    Was he ever right in front of them?
    Little did they know, he was a gem!
    Everything he accepted,
    until that very day.
    When they questioned the love of his life,
    he knew in this society he couldn’t stay.
    What was wrong with her?
    Just that she prayed to a different God,
    and dressed in a different way?
    He packed his bags, and
    decided to run away.
    He was chased by his society,
    drawn out of his safeguard.
    The people he once called ‘his own’, took out their daggers and
    ended his life.
    The society won,
    Our hero was buried in a pit.
    His only crime was,
    That he was a Wonderful Misfit!