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    "Come home, stranger."

    I opened the envelope, handed over by the mailman. Took a pair of scissors and snipped off the edges.

    "How are you?"

    It was a strange question, considering we had said our final goodbyes more than a year ago.
    I continued to read.

    "How are you? I know, I know. I promised we wouldn't keep in touch. We know each other too well, that's what we said. Right now, you are thinking.. what the hell is this, isn't it? We know each other too well, and we are poison for each other, eh? Be patient, dear stranger, and read till the end."

    I paused, as a small tear slid down my eyes.

    "Sixteen months, stranger. That is an awfully long time. We are different people now. Our hopes and dreams are wildly different now, isn't it? I know, mine is. I wonder if you still listen to Pink Floyd and Joy Division. Do you still play the guitar? I started learning the piano a few months back. I had my first art exhibition a few weeks back. It was nice.. people actually think I can sketch. Isn't that nice?"

    I kept on reading, my breath shortening with every sentence.

    "So, what I really want to say is this. Come home, stranger.
    Come home to the blue skies. Come home to the summer rains. Come home to the walks we would take on the seashore, with the lighthouse in the distance. Come home to the music we would listen to, for hours on end. Come home to the mindless conversation and the football matches.

    Come home, stranger. Come home to the memories that only we have shared. Come back to the only place you can truly call your own."

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    Come Home, Stranger

    Be patient, dear stranger, and read till the end.