• wordsofapoem 5w


    There is no future,
    Not a future which brings
    Giddy smiles and cheers of hope
    Of ‘revolution’ and ‘greatness’

    There is no future,
    Whilst we balance on the precipice of the present,
    To tip forward into the yawning black chasm,
    Thinking there’s light at the end often tunnel?
    Think again
    Because we are about to walk straight into our own demise

    We are tearing the roots
    Choking the sky until it bleeds
    We are destroying the land we walk upon
    Each animal awaiting until it’s the last one standing

    Yet we burn and burn
    With our dreams soaring high,
    Until one day the earth itself will shudder
    And we will all die

    There is no future
    Not unless we act now