• timedrifter 4w

    How It all began.

    “How can you still breathe? How are you not dead yet?” asked Ren. “I never was affected by anything that you threw at me. From our childhood, I was just pretending because if anyone ever knew how powerful I was. They would end me without a second thought and I would have no choice but to kill everyone. Believe me Ren. I never wanted to hurt anyone. All I ever wanted was for all of us to be happy.” said Tyle as he was exhaling that weird neuro toxin from Ren. After a small flash, no one ever expected to see what would happen next.

    Even from the time when they were little dragons, they were the best of brothers. Ren being the yellow dragon of fear was chosen to be the next in line for ruling the empire while Tyle was the called the cursed dragons due to little knowledge known about the dragons who were born black. They never had any trait which anyone could identify and they were always the rarest to be born. And yet, they stuck together even though every other dragon wanted Tyle to be dead saying that he was one day going to be Hell to their lives. Growing up, Tyle was very quiet and a bookish worm for he wanted to know what is the reason for his uncommon attribute while Ren was always training to be the best of the best. Who would have thought that this would ever come in between the two brothers who had swore on their own blood.

    To a dragon, their own blood oath is the highest that anyone can go. You break that and you die from a continuous combustion that happens within your own body and your soul lost forever in the realm of nothingness. And yet, all that was going though Ren’s head was how Tyle was still standing. “How in the Hell’s name are you still alive? You just breath in the fear toxic which converts all your emotions into fear and kills you from within. Tell me how you evaded that one toxin which has the potential to kill each and every dragon in existence in one go.” asked Ren. “I didn’t. It is still within me. I just can’t die yet. I haven’t fulfilled my blood oath that I gave to u all those years ago. I will keep my word and then release my soul.” Tyle replied in a low voice.

    Yet Ren still couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Being the Yellow Dragon of fear, Ren expels the deadly yellow toxin of fear while Red Dragons of Wrath breath fire and White Dragons of Life send out light. You might ask how is Fear is the strongest compared to wrath and knowledge and what the color black mean. Well it’s simple actually. When a creature senses danger or death, fear takes over which immobilizes the creature, making it easy for its death. Nothing gets close to that. Not even wrath or Life.

    Ren asked again, “Keep your oath, I don’t care anymore. But tell me. HOW ARE YOU STILL BREATHING?” Tyle replied with a big sigh, “Your toxin takes over the emotions and turns all of it into fear which rots and kills you from within. What if I told you that this can never happen to someone who is of my caliber? This color, this black, this is the insignia of THE ABYSS. The insignia which was thought to be lost just because everyone feared it. I researched and researched to find my origin and at last I did. Just as you were born with the insignia of Fear, I was born with this. And this means death. I am the BRINGER OF DEATH TO ALL.”

    “But how …….. how is this possible? Only the Yellow Dragons of Fear………… are the strongest and have reigned for ages and maintained peace.” Ren replied in a stuttering manner. “And how do you think that they did that? Though the use of the fear breath that you have been blessed with. I was blessed with something far worse.” Replied Tyle in a serious manner. Right after finishing that sentence, Tyle proceeded to shoot the black lightning that shot from his mouth towards a nearby mountain which got completely obliterated. “THIS IS WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF. You asked why that toxin didn’t work. Its because the Void devours fear and any emotion there is. Hence, It’s also called the insignia of DEATH.” Said Tyle as he starts to fly away.

    “If you believe that you stand a chance against me, I will be by mother’s side as she takes her last breath and nothing can stop me from meeting her. NOTHING.” Shortly after, Tyle proceeds to fly at hypersonic speed to the one dragon that gave birth to him. “All this time, I thought he was just helpless and now I feel helpless, useless, WEAK IN FRONT OF HIM. Is this how I go down? Is this how I lose the brother I used to save?” said Ren to himself as he starts to follow Tyle.