• dexter2017 22w

    The Black Pearl of Africa

    I may not be the light,but the buoy,anchored to the,
    The world wants the diamond burried amidst the African mines,shoving aside the coal, the sweat and destinies of ,people whom i call mine.
    That's what aparthied,did i couldn't resist for being a victim of its own.
    To be an infidel,even if born on the soil.which i call home.
    To be born of the fairer feather,
    To rule us ,subjugating us with crime.
    To enslave my darkened brethren, since urs were shiny like a lime.
    The batons , u may throw, the misery u may cast,
    The mother orphaned , children widowed.
    Lord, bless us with the strength. To resurrect the nation,before the fiery hatred encompass.

    To, madiba !

    I,know the feeling of the caged bird,
    To flutter with your wings fold.
    To see the other birds sing,the mirth and opportunity they were blessed ,just to be born in other household.
    The only hope that came with the rising sun, not the rising , it was when the ascent overhead,
    The trace of shine , that fell on the floor.the shadow of the light, with the bars ,like the fabric i wore, yet i didn't cry ,neither wept.
    ,i prayed with my hands clasped,kneeled with a bowed head.
    They could hold ,but couldn't mould
    The hope i kept clinging on.
    Hope which even the close souls lost.
    Even the voice of the crickets dying down ,just the void i stared into , witnessing the silent song.
    The dry winter to tread ,facing the prying eyes.
    To cling like the tear ,at edge of the eye.
    Hope they say is a beautiful thing, can part oceans, lift a mountain,tame a being.
    Hope like every beautiful thing,never perishes neither die.
    Like a small star,how far it be, the eternal truth ,flaming against the darkened sky.

    Endure the cage, the hard knocks
    To learn to fight alone, away from the flocks.
    Every battle lost, to smile and give grit a good name.
    Rising again,to wage the war, marshalling my cause.
    I did come out, defying the law of averages,
    The sun as the halo, i stood invictus.
    Yet i know , i turn back to thee.
    For the world ,u were madiba,to shepherd the nation ,black and the whites like a pope.
    For me , the hero who wore the cape of good hope.
    Braving the ocean and the tides.
    The beacon ,like the lighthouse...for the sailors of life,guiding us through the dungeons of hardship, we pray
    , rest in peace oh black pearl! The fire of hope will never die !.