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    The Third Eye of Shiva which is normally closed, if opened leads to destruction. It symbolizes anger and its effects. It also signifies knowledge and wisdom; since it destroys everything, it can also destroy the person's ordinary vision and help him to become more knowledgeable and wise.

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    Shiva's Adornments! (THIRD EYE)

    The Third Eye in the centre of Shiva's forehead represents anger, knowledge and wisdom. Normally it is closed. When Lord Shiva is angry, he opens his third eye and burns into ashes everything that comes in his path. It signifies that anger can destroy everything. So we need to master our anger and save ourselves from destruction and its outcomes. Through the two eyes, we can see only the physical world. But the third eye causes arousal of a new dimension of perception through which we can see things beyond the physical world. It is just what our inner conscience would mean; looking at things beyond our vision and broadening our vision. It is the eye of knowledge which if opened, reduces to ashes the person's ordinary and immaterial way of thinking. It burns our illogical and shallow vision and helps us connect to the soul and enhance our wisdom. It is the symbol of destroyer of evil and ignorance.