• mirari 6w


    I first met her
    When she descended from the heavens in front of my soul.
    She was dressed in ruby,
    Dark red silks and liquid crimson
    Caressing tender skin,
    Soft hair with the grace of falling feathers
    landing gently on her shoulders.
    I heard the crashing of ocean waves in her laughter
    And she gazed at me with eyes
    More brilliant than the orange streaks of the horizon
    Yet darker than the starless night.
    Gold was the crown she wore,
    Yet it shone not half as brightly
    As her pearlescent smile
    Which graced her lips, pink as rosy sky,
    A hint of scarlet shadow beneath her earthly light.
    Rose, an air of ancient beauty,
    Carried too the scents of blood and myrrh.
    She looked at the wish I held in my hands,
    Not so different from the ones made
    By the young, by the naïve, by the fool and by the mad,
    And I, all four, had called for her
    Not knowing more than her name.
    And still she, who saw me as worthy,
    Took my hands and pressed my heart
    Until it saw a red thread, stretching towards home,
    And told me where to go.
    Blindly I followed, and as a path laid
    By the one of love and all its passion and cruelty,
    I found myself scorched by flame
    And consumed by desire
    And awakened by the force of the earth
    To question all that I have ever known,
    To walk into the familiar unknown,
    Streaked with colors
    Of sorrow, grief, peace, euphoria, bliss, friendship,
    Vision filled with her ruby red
    Until I was no longer blind.
    And when it cleared, I saw the end of my red thread,
    I saw who stood there on the other end.
    I saw the home for my eager heart.
    And from there was only the beginning of her gift.
    I embraced her with all the fervour I could muster,
    She and her many shapely forms,
    Beauty long loved and misunderstood;
    Finding her joy in the eyes of one who would never let me go,
    And my sweet longing comes to an end;
    I have been overcome,
    I have been blessed,
    I have loved,
    And I have fallen in love
    With Love.