• loud_at_heart_rumwisai 6w

    This World

    In this dysfunctional world,
    A shameless erection of ego identification,
    We are what we posses.
    In a world celebrating the degeneration of compassion and morality.
    Humanity is put to sleep while greed subconsciously devours the human race.
    Hearts filled with things instead of integrity, virtue and love,
    We are deluded to think our existence is solely based on possessions.
    We forget the spiritual, intellectual and emotional,
    And have fallen prey to the monistic superficial.
    When will we realize there is more to a person than what meets the eyes,
    That the pieces of cloth wrapped around a person's body shouldn't disqualify them.
    That this world is in dire need for more philanthropists than people on a race to own more things with an expiry date.
    That nomatter how much you own, it will never be enough to bury your insecurities.
    Now is the time to realize we were meant to love.
    To realize that it is still OK to want the superficial things but understand that they alone do not define you.
    To realise that the superficial and the spiritual can still coexist,
    To realise that it is our conscience we need to safe guard.
    Now is the time to be truly woke.