• sanyaaaa 10w

    His photograph.

    His dazzling pearl eyes
    With an enchanting smile.
    I keep his picture in my Mathematics book..
    The moment he comes and sit besides Me
    i could not stop smiling
    Its just something else.
    All those butterflies in my stomach.
    Ugh! I'm struck.
    Struck in between should I say
    Or should i keep it with myself.
    I wanna love him selflessly.
    The love so real
    Which is above all expectations.
    The love which doesn't need any
    Acceptance,Just pure love.
    We started talking but
    I never tried
    Maybe because I overthink a lot?
    Or maybe I don't want it to end like that?
    Am I scared ?
    I don't know,
    I didn't even thought about anyone else.
    Because this is what happens in Love.
    You just need that one person and your
    Whole life revolves around them.
    I don't want anyone else,
    It was him..
    There are million souls in the world but I know,
    I belong to him.
    Nobody could make me happier just like he does.
    I don't know what to do,
    I cant keep everything inside me like this.
    Those thoughts haunts me every night.
    My soul burns when i see anyone around him.
    So I finally had enough courage to speak..
    We were going to meet in Maths class
    And by the end of it
    I will, yes I will.
    But something stops me
    Idk what but it didnt let me take the move..
    We talked a little,we studied together
    But I didnt say anything
    I was in grief while returning home
    I put my books on the study
    And started talking to myself.
    I opened my maths book for his
    Photograph but find mine.
    It was his book.
    I stopped for a while.
    I skipped a heartbeat.
    I was more than happy I would say.
    It was just like a dream come true.
    I wish I could keep that moment of my life in a photograph.
    // But this time my heart captured this moment //

    You may skip cause idk whats this XD

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    My heart captured this moment ♡