• mino_3370 32w

    Why am i

    Why i have been born here,
    why you love you me,
    why you are all ignoring,

    the dust which falls on my head,
    for something special,
    its gonna hit me up,

    shut the em up,
    why are you here,
    i don't know the soul of earth speaks with me,

    ah way ah way you go there,
    way go,here,
    i have been waiting for no one,

    i got a drunken fully of narcissistic world,
    everyone talks salt as well as sweet,
    i don't know why I'm standing here,

    why i have been born here,
    why you love me to hate me,
    the time never mentioned here,
    when you need,

    when we walk together,
    why I'm mingling with you,
    sweet as salt,

    why you fear for me,
    why I'm lazy as crazy,

    no solutions,
    eye one eye last,
    I'm not here,

    oh my god leave me alone..

    written by-Maheshwar